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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bombay girl in Paris


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bergamo, Italy

After a sleep deprivation of more than 18 hours we finally reach Bergamo Mountains to visit our friend’s Aunt. Our body couldn’t feel their existence while our brains were out of charge. The only feeling we could respond to was of hunger. We tried finding a restaurant or café where we could eat however the village was so small that it only accepted cash. The next thing we knew was that we were on a hunt for ATM machines. It doesn’t stop there, our master and visa cards weren’t accepted at the ATM. Somehow we finally managed to get a nationalised bank which handed out money to us after which we were able to get some food.

We drove through the hills and reached my friend’s Aunt’s place however we were there before she could reach. Carol thought of sleeping in the car while Daniel and I were enthusiastic looking at the mountains. We decided to go hiking and I quickly changed from heels to sneakers. Though we didn’t have much of strength, looking at the nature our moods revived.

Through these luscious green mountains, beautiful houses and small vineyards we walked our away up. We should see mountain tops still covered with snow, it was a very beautiful sight. While we were walking, we also spoke about life, philosophies and issues that we tend to face. The whole experience revived our souls; I can now understand why meditation was majorly done on mountain tops. Nothing is as peaceful and beautiful as the view from a mountain.  

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


The choking lead to coughing and for once I felt I was a tuberculosis patient dying out of cough. Fortunate enough were the group members to sit away from me and unfortunate was Carol who had to bear with my coughing as well as in between Indian commentary. There is something about flying that fascinates me and gets the kid in me overwhelmed. While everyone was sleeping in the 2 hours flight I was gazing out at the clouds like there were cotton candy and then I could see the Alps; there was nothing more beautiful than that. (I usually say that a lot of times though I find the next thing more beautiful)
The moment we landed, Mr. Problem had sensed our presence; we went to the car rental company's office to get two car that we booked separately. Everyone was still talking about the short run and that it was the worst so far.
Ernest Hemingway once said that all things truly wicked start from innocence. Here, my group was talking about a horrible start to the trip, and there was 'Mr. Trouble' eagerly waiting for them at the car rental counter. Apparently, neither our pro-American driver checked the terms and conditions of booking for the car nor did anyone riding along with him. [Disclaimer: Don't be too lazy to EVER read the terms and conditions before payment]
The company Hertz who was the supplier of car was unable to give the key and register the car as the driver didn't have a credit card. We were ready with the car that I had booked under Carol's name however we were 9 people with a 5 seats car. If it was in some rural place, few people could enjoy an airy ride by sitting on the roof of the car however it was not. (That could have been adventurous for most of us)
While my American friend was hustling (an american slang experienced in practicality by the gentlemen) with the rental company to get some kind of solution or help. The men were practicing the art of nagging. However, the rental company weren't able to offer any kind of help and the only thing they knew was to keep a person on hold. We had to find a solution as it was more than 2 hours that we were stranded on the airport without food and water. Frustrated Sumit said, " Now, I can surely understand the condition of people in Somalia."
Finally our Kenyan mother came with a solution of changing from a 5 seat car to a mini van which was 9 seats with an extra charge. The money couldn't be refunded by the company as there we icurred our first loss. We left the airport from being a frustrated group of classmates to a would-be positive big family. Well the registered driver was Carol, who hadn't been driving a manual for more than 6-7 years. A lady with troubles of parking a small car was about to drive a mini-van. I believe in GOD and his miracles all that we could say. :p
Three days and three cities, the ultimate fun about to begin.The warmth was been experienced in Milan, what else could go wrong? Was I even allowed to say that ? Was I going to be the kid in the family who gets bullied for most of the blunders; the menace of the family. The story will unfolds its mystery.

Things to remember while renting a car:
  • The insurance for the car is higher than the rent of the car.
  • Many companies only accept Credit cards at the time of registration once you reach Italy, no matter if you made the booking with a debit card. 
  • The credit cards of the driver can only be accepted.
  • The deposit is not informed at the time of booking. (It might range from 250 euros to 900 euros, again credit card will be used for it)
  • GPS can be carried instead of renting it.
  • Italy has a lot of toll charges which can range from 3 euro to 15 euros. 
  • Do not pass through telepass or else you might end up paying up FINE. :P 
  • The fuel charges are moderate.
  • A charge for fuel is also blocked on the credit card, as you get full tank at the time of pick up and should be returned full tank at the time of dropping. 
  • The car parking area is 10 mins walk and can be approached by bus from the airport.
I would love to hear your suggestion or experience on Italian roads. Care to share! :)

Monday, 21 March 2016

En route Italy

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” –Mark Twain
When the trip was been semi-planned, it started off with three but to my surprise I didn't ever think it will rise to a group of nine. This was a road trip with maximum margin of error, as it was the first one ever planned in Europe. I am an Indian girl with a license to drive but still travel in a Mumbai local as they are the best transportation. :P For god sake we have right side driving steering wheel, how could I have ever predicted the amount of blunders awaiting for us. 

The travel group was an International one where there were two Romanians aka Italian-somewhat translators (Daniel and Anca), Kenyan mommy of the group (Carolyne), Syrian-Danish comedian (Basel), American pro-driver (Angelo) and two talkative Indians (Nikhil and I). They had no clue as to there was a surprise waiting at the airport. Sumit, Ganesh and I were part of the surprise, where the former two decided to join the trip after much of convincing. Let me tell you about South Asian, drama breeds in us. We somehow are good when it comes to showing off our acting skills. 
At the airport, as usual we were late and there began a short marathon which I was definitely not ready for. The airlines that we booked for had the gate at a distance of 20 mins and all of us ran as there was a devil behind us with a hot iron rod. We were definitely an attraction at the airport but who cared as I was busy running with my heels taken off and slippery socks. By the time we reached, the boarding had just started. We were sweating likes pigs in a country like Denmark (oh that can happen :P ). This was not it, the two surprises (Sumit and Ganesh) arrived and everyone was astonished. There brain didn't respond well to understand what was going on. Everyone was confused and then surprised to my understanding. You might think this is seems so nice that finally we reached and could have been to take the plane. Well you are right in your dreams, as you forgot the element named 'Gayatri'. I guess I was so overwhelmed looking at everyone's face that I started choking. I couldn't breathe or speak as the saliva entered the wrong chamber. Stupid saliva had the wrong address (this wasn't funny then :P ). I had to go the washroom to clear out while rest of them stood at the gate. It took me a lot of time to clear out my throat, while the airline thought of leaving me behind. The group stood back waiting for me and trying to convince the airline personnel. Angelo even tricked them by calling out, "Oh wait I can see her, she is there." In the process he also tricked the rest of the group. By the time I was back and we walked towards to board it. Finally we were on board to Italy. Well this is just the beginning, some more coming up. 

Who says you have to look for adventure, we are walk with it every day. ;)